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Sober Saturdayz is all about the integration of alcohol-free products into establishments across Canada. Our mission is to create a space where it's encouraged to talk openly about social pressures and substance abuse! We team up with Artists, Musicians and Festivals across Alberta and B.C. with the intention of building a gem of a community! 

WHat we're about

"Besides my constant battle with depression and anxiety, I also had the burden of my own vices. No one wakes up wanting to be an addict, so I think it's important to normalize non-alcoholic beverages at bars and to promote a new way of thinking about how we cope with stress before drugs and alcohol become a nasty habit."

Have a product you want us to try?

We're always looking to collaborate with local businesses, events and establishments who support our non-alcoholic initiatives and want to open their doors up to a groovy new community. Let's do this!