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Top 10 FAQ for The Sober Saturdayz Collective

Holy moly I can't believe it's already time for our second ever Sober Saturdayz blog post! I wanted to start this first chapter of our blog with some frequently asked questions. Why? Because ya'll are curious little critters!

So without further ado, here are the Top 10 Questions The Sober Saturdayz Collective get asked on a regular basis.

10. How can I get involved with SS?

One question that is coming up more and more often is this one and I absolutely LURRRVV it. Anyways here are:

3 Ways to Support Sober Saturdayz:

- Sharing our posts with your friends and family <3

- Bringing up the topic of drinking while out and about (we get this is awkward, but hey so is admitting your loved ones to rehab).

- Trying our alcohol-free products and bringing them whereever you go to show there ARE options out there... and because they're tasty but that's obvious!

9. Do you do private functions?

This is one of our fav styles of events because it's so intimate. We get to know some of our members a little more closely then we would have in a large event and we get to create amazing cocktails for them and their friends. That being said we are few in numbers and book up SUPER quickly so make sure to contact Been in advance at for all your bookings!

8. Is there an age limit for attendees?

Nothing gives me more pleasure than being able to tell someone that Sober Saturdayz is for EVERYONE! Seriously if I know one thing it's that my Grandma knows how to bust a move and I'd opt for her energy at my party than anyone at a bar A N Y day!

7. What establishments carry SS products?

This is an exciting question because we ACTUALLY have places to name!! Of course our beloved Nook Cafe located on the edge of the art district carries Seedlip, Partake and MeMento (if you're on the in's with the owner that is). As well as the absolute most classic theatre in Edmonton Metro Cinema! Thats right folks you can now order a non-alcoholic Partake beer while visiting the theatre on the end of Whyte Ave. Pssst... we're in Kelowna soon too!

6. What products do we carry?

Also another question that gets me to the edge of my seat. Currently we have about 17 products on our roster, to name a few, MeMento, Caleño and No Ghost in a Bottle. We can't give away all our secrets this early in the game, I guess you'll just have to stick around :) ... I don't know why I felt creepy after writing that, lol.

5. Where can we purchase products?

So all of the products you have seen or heard us talk about can currently only be purchased through the Sober Saturdayz team. Make sure to DM a member of the SS gang if you're looking to quench your thirst!

4. Is everyone on the SS team "sober" ?

This is a tricky question because it brings us back to the archaic way of thinking of the word Sober. Sober doesn't have to be black or white. In fact VERY rarely is someone just able to drop their addiction as if they were GENUINELY just doing drugs/drinking because they "were bored". Sigh. I'll leave you with this. Everyone in the Sober Saturdayz Collective, whether it's me or you or Been or whoever, is either on a journey towards sobriety or like Been who's fully Sober. Either way, as this company begins to grow and as this community begins to build, our team, including you, becomes stronger and stronger and together our curiosity will begin to turn into habit and then that habit into lifestyle. So if we're being honest, we're all just here for the ride.

3. Is Sober Saturdayz a recovery group/only for people in recovery?

Sober Saturdayz is for everyone. Whether you drank recently or not this group and culture is about creating conversation. Its about lifting people up by shining light on their amazing qualities. Where not here to recover from anything. We're here to THRIVE.

2. Am I able to join if I am not sober?

To add onto my last answer we, as a team, believe that sobriety is different for everyone. Whether you are wanting to step back from just alcohol, cigarettes WHATEVER. If you're craving change and don't know where to begin, come hang out! Seriously we're literally, ACTUALLY figuring it all out together in our own awkward ways. In fact, I've made some of my best friends at these events. Maybe if you come we can all be best friends and skip around and do whatever best friends do. Lol, I'm kidding that would be a terrible first impression... I digress.

1. Is Sober Saturdayz JUST for women?

Okay, first of all, it's 2019 if you're still scared of the majestic, heart-felt color pink then you need to look yourself in the eye (in the mirror) and ask yourself why? Not to worry, we have plenty of male sober curious energy too. Gender isn't color-coded any more than sobriety is

Thanks so much for reading our post! Now when Sober Saturdayz comes up in conversation you'll look like a smart ass ;) ... I am so friggin sassy, I don't know what's gotten into me today, lol.

okaay, i love you buh-bye.