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  • Sober Summer Comic Book


    Meredith Bratland is an Edmonton-based "communications professional with multiple side-hustles including a podcast/radio show, Migration Patterns" who also creates comics. This summer she created a comic about her decision to cut down on alcohol and embrace a sober curious lifestyle. Sober Summer perfectly captures what it's like to question your alcohol consumption habits, the nasty hangovers, how you behaved, and wonder how on earth to break the cycle. It dives fearlessly into the anxieties surrounding not drinking socially and also how triumphant and strong you feel when your discover your own strength.


    Sober Saturdayz now proudly hosts Sober Summer in our online shop. The comics are $12 each which includes free shipping within Canada (friends outside of Canada, you can get a copy too, we'll just contact you about a little extra for shipping) and almost all the proceeds go directly to Meredith! She will ship your comic to you herself. You'll be supporting a member of our collective sober community and learning something valuable too.

    Follow Meredith Bratland on Instagram @mereyberry144