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What is a SS certification?

Sober Saturdayz is about accessibility just as much as its about promoting harm reduction and community. That's why we've created the SS Certification. We want our Sober Community to know ALL the hot sober safes spots in town, whether they carry our products or not!

This means that if a business DOES carry our products they will automatically qualify for a Sober Saturdayz sticker in their window as well as a mention and directions on our site.

Businesses that DO NOT carry out products but STILL carry/support sober safe drinks (exempt from pop, juice etc) can reach out to us to have their establishment listed on our site as a Certified Sober Safe Space as well as qualify for a Sober Saturdayz window sticker placement.

What it comes down to is the spread of knowledge of safe spaces, because ultimately we're not trying to only sell products here, we're selling a lifestyle shift!

Metro Cinema

edmonton, ab, canada

 pale ale

the nook cafe

edmonton, ab, canada

seedlip spirits, partake brews

Macewan university

edmonton, ab, canada

signature cocktail - macewan spirit